Errata found in “Quantum Mechanics Demystified”

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4 Responses to Errata found in “Quantum Mechanics Demystified”

  1. jerry death logan says:

    I have errata for the first six chapters of Quantum Mechanics Demystified second edition that you can have for free and can freely distribute. As a retired physicist, I decided to go back and study QFT, back I wanted a quick review of QM. When I started reading David McMahon’s book, it seemed like there was a typo on every page. I took that as a challenge

    • Christoph Thalmann says:

      Dear Jerry
      I am a teacher for physics at a grammar school (Gymnasium) and i decided to repeat QM I started reading David McMahon’s book QM Demystified and there are quite a few typing errors (most of them are easy to recognize). But in Chapter 2, page 34…35 in the second edition David McMahon calculate an integral (probability that a particle ist found in the intervall 0<x<32. He gets a probability of 88 % to find the particle in the intervall 0<x<32. I took a Texas Instruments TI nspire CAS calculator to numerically calculate the probability and i got a 95% probabilty. I may be wrong?
      It would be so kind, if you could send me your errata for the first chapters of QM demystified, second edition.
      With kind regards

      Christoph Thalmann, Bern, Switzerland

  2. jerry death logan says:

    The errata is in the form of a word document. Where should i send it

    • ngc6720 says:

      Dear Jerry, please send them to I will see how I can post them here. Additionally, you may want to have a look at Shankar’s book if you are learning QM on your own. I find it very clear.

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