This blog is a cooperative effort for collecting all errata on McMahon ‘Demystified’ physics books series, namely “Quantum Field Theory Demystified”, “String Theory Demystified”, “Quantum Mechanics Demystified” and “Relativity Demystified”. Please post your comments and whatever errata you find in these books. Eventually, a list with errata for each of the four books will be built and made available for download. The name of the contributors will be acknowledged together with every errata.

Comments are only moderated for spam. The moderator holds no responsibility for the accuracy of the information about the errata. In particular, it is strongly suggested that you specify which signature conventions are you sticking to, when posting errata about changed signs.

This project has no relation to David McMahon or McGraw Hill.


4 Responses to About

  1. Dilaton says:

    Could Patrick Labelle’s very good (!) Superymmetry Demystified book


    be included into these debugging efforts? It nicely fits into David McMohans book series betwenn QFT and string theory … 😉

    • ngc6720 says:

      LGood idea, I will include it too. Maybe tomorrow, I am terribly busy, but I will include that book as well.

    • I certainly agree with you.

      It must be a great book if it covers SUSY breaking, and the MSSM! .

      • Dilaton says:

        Yeah, it is quite cool 🙂

        It also introduces the dotted-undotted notation, superspace formalism, etc …
        And Patrick Labelle thanks his two kitties he has adobted by name for proofreading … 😀

        My kitty just sleeps, she is too lazy to help with proofreading, trace down sing errors, etc …

        But Lenny Susskind often says the signs, as well as stuff like 2\pi s come and go anyway, LOL 😀

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