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Errata found in “Quantum Mechanics Demystified”

There is currently no errata posted. Be the first one to send feedback! Advertisements

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Errata found in “Relativity Demystified”

We have no errata on this book here yet, but there is a fantastic errata sheet compiled by Susan Larsen here:

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Errata found in “String Theory Demystified”

We have by now a bunch of them (see comments below). Did you find one? Then leave a replay with a description. Authorship will be acknowledged in the final errata sheets.

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Errata found in “Quantum Field Theory Demystified”

For the moment there are only a few errata here. Please feel free to contribute with more, if you find them. Warning! Use them at your own risk, this is an unofficial list, with no relation with the author of … Continue reading

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